Bicycle Infrastructure

Urban design, Urban cycling,

CROW Design Manual for Bicycle Traffic is a famous publication that captures how Cycling in Netherlands is designed.

Types of infrastructure

Bike lanes

“painted gutters”


This video on junction design is a good example of how to create safe junctions for bikes and pedestrians.

Stop sign

Stop Signs Suck and We Should Get Rid of Them by Not Just Bikes argues that stop signs are inefficient and less safe, and thus we should apply better designs of the roads to eliminate the need for stop signs. The Netherlands does not use stop signs.


Economic impacts

Volker2020economic reviews the evidence and concludes that active transportation infrastructure has a positive impact.


Planning and building

Paris during the COVID 19 pandemic showed that it is possible to bootstrap a massive bike infrastructure within a few years. Some videos: -


Gerike2022network reviews network-level design.