Bicycles vs. cars

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Having better pedestrian and cycling infrastructure may be better for drivers because it removes a lot of cars and bicycles from roads: Why the Netherlands is the Best Country for Drivers

Overall Impact

There are studies that estimate the cost-benefit of cycling and driving.

cost benefit of cycling and driving|400

Efficiency & “empty bike lane”

Share the road

It doesn’t work well. This sign can even be more dangerous by creating misunderstanding, false sense of security, and conflicts.

Hess2015bicycles argues that it is better to communicate more clearly with a sign like “Bicycles may use full lane”.

Finance impact on small businesses


When removing car access is in question, there is always a question about the accessibility: how about those who cannot bike or walk a long distance?

I don’t think this is a good argument because being able to use a car is already a big accessibility hurdle. Also the long distance to travel in car-based places is another huge hurdle. When things are designed for humans the accessibility can also be addressed better.