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The curious case of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine

She points to the story of the first vaccine for Lyme disease, developed by SmithKline Beecham in the late 1990s. The clinical trials for the vaccine showed that arthritis occurred at similar rates in both the vaccine and placebo groups. But media reports and suits by plaintiff’s lawyers led to fears among members of the public. Even after a panel of outside advisers to the FDA voted that the vaccine’s benefits outweighed its risks, sales fell so low that the company withdrew the vaccine from the market.

Around mid-March 2021, Germany stopped the vaccination of AstraZeneca’s vaccine due to the concern about rare sinus venous thrombosis.

It doesn’t seem to be crazy conspiracy, but potentially due to other reasons (other drugs, multiple hypothesis testing). Also it seems much more prevalent in Western Europe.

Pfizer and Moderna may have a similar potential side effect (not confirmed): Lee2021thrombocytopenia

There is also a claim of potential mechanism that links vaccine to the disease although it has not been confirmed yet: AstraZeneca: German team discovers thrombosis trigger


It has been reported that mRNA vaccines may cause mild Myocarditis in younger, male population.

Some people who spread anti-vaccination propaganda

It has been argued that mere 12 people spread the majority of misinformation. (Guardian article and Report)

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Partisan hesitancy

There has been a strong partisan divide regarding vaccination:

Fox News has been spreading a lot of doubts about vaccination although the company imposed a sort-of vaccine pass internally.

Vaccination strategy


Because the fatality rate highly depends on the age, the vaccination has been targeted towards older population. Lavine2021vaccinating.

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