Mac setup

What should I install when I buy a fresh mac? See Server account setup for steps for setting up the environment for a linux server. See also Apps.


Install 1password to avoid typing passwords individually. Install Dropbox because many app settings are synced through Dropbox.

Try to use git or other CLI tools. The computer will tell you how to install the Xcode CLI tools. Install it.

Put the user in the sudoer file:

Then install Homebrew and clone the dotfiles and install it. Install useful apps with homebrew.

brew install --cask basictex
brew install --cask google-chrome
brew install --cask firefox
brew install --cask xquartz
brew install --cask keyboard-maestro 
brew install --cask hazel 
brew install --cask textexpander
brew install --cask nordvpn
brew install --cask toggl

Install pure:

Install Visual Studio Code and LaTeX packages:

Install some utilities.

brew install neovim ag ren bat ripgrep autojump jq rectangle
brew install gnuplot --with-x11 --with-cairo

Install python using pyenv. (or use Anaconda) Then install some python packages (skip with Anaconda)

pip3 install numpy scipy pandas ipython scikit-learn jupyter jupyterlab

Ruby and Jekyll (revise with ruby version manager rbenv)

gem install jekyll 
gem install sass