Rail network

US and Canada

Is the US too big?

Many people discount the possibility of building a comprehensive High speed rail system in the US. One of the biggest reasons is that the US is “too big”. However, the US was built through the rail network and there was a pretty good network until fairly recently.

“but the USA is too big and spread out to justify investing in passenger rail networks”

1962 America disagrees. – https://twitter.com/FuckCarsReddit/status/1603823097089490958?s=20&t=28QL47PYtPUgy65PqiaEtg

Intercity passenger rail network in the US, 1962

Amtrak passenger rail system in the US, 2005

Is the Northeast US/Canada too sparsely populated?

https://twitter.com/FuckCarsReddit/status/1610106476290252800 Comparison of madrid-barcelona route and toronto-montreal route. Similar density and similar distance|400

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