Rubik's cube


Easy step-by-step

Solve the white top.

Second layer. - Send left: U’L’ULUFU’F’ (U’UUU’ + L’LFF’) - Send right: URU’R’U’F’UF (UU’U’U + RR’F’F)

Yellow cross: FRUR’U’F’ (RUR’U’ inside FF’) - cycle through one - left top - LR - cross

Yellow edges. Switch front and left side RUR’URUUR’U (RR’RR’ + UUUUU)

Yellow corners. Put them into the right spot. Put the right one FR corner. URU’L’UR’U’L (UU’UU’ + RL’R’L)

Orient yellow corners. Put the right one FR corner R’D’RD. Then only rotate the top to repeat.