The Upworthy Research Archive

The Upworthy Research Archive is an open dataset of thousands of A/B tests of headlines conducted by Upworthy from January 2013 to April 2015

Data split

Multiple comparisons and overfitting represent serious risks to scientific understanding with a dataset of this size. By doing the extra work of supporting cross-validation, we hope to maximize the amount of highly-credible science that results from this this dataset. For that reason, we have structured the data to support researchers to develop registered reports for research projects.

We are providing an Exploratory Dataset of 4,873 experiments to support academic research and teaching. For researchers who plan to conduct confirmatory research that tests hypotheses, we are keeping a larger Confirmatory Dataset of 22,743 experiments in reserve. During the period until we released the dataset publicly in August 2021, we also retained a holdout dataset for a meta-scientific study with the Center for Open Science.